Shrinking Violet

Fairy lights twinkled in the kitchen. She eyed the twisted thin cables and the tiny bulbs. Even the simplest of twinkles are underlyingly complicated, she thought. She took a glug of bucks fizz from the bottle and felt the welcoming feeling of fuzziness. She sliced the blackcherry cheesecake into segments and stopped and gazed at the rain streaming down the window. She tried to recall a previous boxing day where it had rained but she had only remembered grey stillness and snow. She carried the sliced cheesecake into the lounge where chatting and laughing heads wore paper hats from christmas crackers. ‘Cheesecake anyone?’, she shouted above the voices and music, but their heads didn’t turn. She felt herself shrink like Alice. She threw the cheesecake at the nearest wall and collapsed to her knees. Feet began to dance around her as though she were a handbag and she shrank even further until she was head level with their prancing toes. She waded through a blob of cheesecake when the sweet fragrance of blackcherry hypnotised her into stillness and invited her to a place where exotic trees and flowers swayed in a caressing breeze. A place where birdsong serenaded her and where feathered wings provided a blanket.


2 thoughts on “Shrinking Violet

  1. Barbara says:

    A very evocative piece especially the last sentence

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