Union Chapel

Crimson, mauve lights, flicker on smooth nineteenth century stone and converse in round whirlpools. The interval. A cello is off-key, eager to catch the racy strum and leg-kick of the bassplayer. Or is that just the distorted sound of Jazz? Eager mouths, alive with applaud, contort into triangles and squares in round stained glass windows. Hundreds of guts wreathe with laughter. And the white suited joker, mic taller than him, his hands reaching up, exhales his final line, his brow gaped in wonder at their very wonder of him. And I can feel the musk air that has likely never seen light, seep through the long varnished seating and into my bare thighs, letting out a shudder just like the kick of ginger root beer that catches my tonsils, my breath. I swallow, knowing that in this very minute, this moment, the world is sparkling and thriving and alive. I swallow, unaware we have escaped the gunshots, the explosives, the blades, only three miles away, or thereabouts, at London Bridge.


16 thoughts on “Union Chapel

  1. Sombre. I am unsure of either the answer or to where we are heading. Challenging times for all, I feel.

  2. Gypsy Bev says:

    You were blessed to have avoided the turmoil.

  3. Paul Beech says:

    Hi Donna,

    You’ve captured well that sense of incredulity many feel upon realising how easily they might have been caught up in a dreadful event.

    One thing for sure, our British bulldog spirit will never be broken through terrorism any more than it was by Hitler’s bombs during The Blitz of 1940/41. Those innocent lives cut short in London and Manchester in the current spate of atrocities only strengthen our national resolve.

    I hope you saw Ariana Grande’s ‘One Love Manchester’ concert last night. All those brave and wonderful performers, and around £2m raised for victims and families of the Manchester Arena bombing on 22nd May. I’ll never forget Robbie Williams singing ‘Angels’, nor Ariana, at the close, singing ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’.

    Love will always triumph over hatred, good over evil.

    My very best,


    • Hi Paul, Many Thanks. I totally agree…the British are strong folk and will always stand up to the horrors facing us. I watched the concert and it was fabulous…Robbie’s performance really stood out and I loved how he altered the lyrics to fit the tribute. Best Wishes. Donna

  4. mihrank says:

    so deep, great challenging and bringing a wake up call..

  5. mihrank says:

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    Thank you..

  6. Canuck Carl says:

    I was extremely enthralled and drawn into this concert hall setting when in the last couple of lines it brought me into sombre reality. It can be such a horrific world. Thank you for sharing this so beautifully! 🙂

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