Jessica turned on the bath taps and poured bath crème into the running water. Sweet magnolia filled the room and it alleviated the pressure in her head. The past two years had been stressful and unbearable in the office, and sometimes she wished she could fly away to a faraway land, to escape her monotonous life. She brushed her hand through the deep steaming water and turned off the taps. She lit tea-lights that were scattered around the bathroom, undressed, and slid into the bath. The water melted away her aches, and she closed her eyes and began to dream of her ultimate, faraway life. She imagined living in a cottage, in a meadow, surrounded by butterflies and deer. She imagined reading a favourite book as she watched the sunset on the horizon. She dreamed of a husband and children, and a home full of laughter and happiness.

She was suddenly broken from her reverie, when she felt a sensation on her back. She stood up, her heart pounding. Bath water cascaded down her body, over the bath, and across the floor. She grabbed a towel, stepped out, and wiped the steamed mirror with the back of her arm. She looked at her back in the reflection and saw two large red blemishes either side of her shoulder blades. They began to itch and she scratched them with her nails, until she was digging deep into the skin. Blood trickled from them, and she watched as white hairs began to grow from the wounds. She pulled them to try to remove them, but they stretched into long fine wires. And she realised that they were not hairs after all, but long white feathers. She was growing wings. She screamed and closed her eyes with disbelief. After several seconds she braved one last look in the mirror. But upon opening her eyes she saw that it had steamed up again; and in the steam were five scrawled words… five words that would change her life forever,

You are free to fly.


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27 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. Thank you so much for following my blog, your writing is great and I know that I am going to enjoy reading often. AJM

  2. amelthalt says:

    a-Ha-ha-hah! 😀 Fantastic! 😀

  3. Helena Hann-Basquiat says:

    How fantastically Kafka-esque, darling! Wonderful story.

    • Thanks so much Helena 🙂 I am going to Google Kafka now as I am intrigued – thanks for your sparks of inspirations 🙂 x

      • Helena Hann-Basquiat says:

        Kafka wrote The Metamorphosis, where his character suddenly wakes up one day to discover he’s been transformed into a bug.
        He’s known for surreal stories where weird things happen with no explanation — it’s not about the WHY, it’s about the experience.

      • Wow, now that is interesting. I’m going to have to buy this book as I have a feeling I’m going to love it. I also looked up Edgar Allen-Poe (after you mentioned him before) and I loved his work – such dark little tales 🙂 Thanks for your inspirations, they are always followed up x

  4. Well, that was just awesome! Thanks for the follow and I hope you enjoy reading my work as I am definitely relishing yours!

    • Aw, thanks Charlene, that’s so kind of you 🙂 Thanks for the follow and for visiting my stories. I’m definitely enjoying your work…I’m going to check back to your blog now and have a read x

  5. Well Done!! Vivid and full of emotion.

  6. hakariconstant says:

    Enjoyed reading that. I don’t know if it’s your style of music, but contents of the music video to Smile Empty Soul’s song “Afterlife” came to mind as I was reading. I recommend searching for it on youtube!

    • Thanks. I have just listened to the song and it’s great! I love heavy music – this band reminds me of Linkin Park… slightly. The good thing was the lyrics come up on the video and so I could see easily how you related it to my story 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration – I shall check out some more of this band 🙂

      • hakariconstant says:

        I was actually thinking of the official non-lyric music video version of the song, which depicts a boy who suddenly sprouts wings, much to the shock and horror of his mother. Here’s a link to the version I’m talking about –

      • I have just watched the video and I totally see how you linked this to the story 🙂 It’s a great video, I really enjoyed that. One of my writing friends also mentioned how the story reminded her of the story ‘Metamorphosis’ by Franz Kafka – where a man turns into a bug! It’s lovely to see how people interpret my stories and relate them to other forms. Thanks so much for this 🙂

  7. mcdulac5 says:

    Wow! I really enjoyed that story. What a great build-up and then the twist at the end! (I’ve just discovered the flash fiction genre, and I will definitely be returning to your blog!)

  8. Dyane says:

    Love, love, love this. 🙂

  9. JC says:

    Now this was outstanding. I want to know what happens after this but then again, I don’t!

  10. gspottedpen says:

    The psychological portrayal of the character is sensitive as well as mysterious. The grand finale with a tinge of magic realism, the growing of feathers, makes one to appreciate it as though watching a piece of art. Your writing is haunting, enigmatic and surreal. Anand Bose from Kerala.

    • Thank you so much for your wonderful comment, Anand Bose. I am a little late in reading it, but you have made my Friday! I have always loved Surrealism in art, so I try to echo it into my writing occasionally. I’m happy you pointed out the word. Have a wonderful day. Best Wishes.

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