Ernest Burroughs pulled the well-thumbed life manual close to his face. His cataract eyes failed him; so he sniffed out the written words with his white-haired nostrils. The words travelled his nasal paths to his brain; where he chewed on them vigorously, squeezing them of their collective meaning. Billions of random words danced atop his eyeballs like small dazzling clouds, when his chest tightened. And before he could impart the revealed recipe of immortality to mankind, a force pulled him through a white tunnel.


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28 thoughts on “Life

  1. Aquileana says:

    Hi there… Just dropping by to tell you that I have nominated you for an award. Check out the nomination here (scroll down the page):

    Congratulations and best wishes!!!, Aquileana 🙂

  2. Paul Beech says:

    Hmmmm… shades of Kafka, perhaps? I enjoyed ‘Life’ in a strange sort of way! Well done, Donna.



  3. Nice one Donna, I enjoyed that. Strange; I also have Metamorphosis & other stories yet to read, from my last trip back home.

  4. Kurt Struble says:

    is it possible he was vaping? just kidding … this was great! nothing wasted, every sentence full of imagery … wull … billions of words didn’t flash into my brain but, i went to a lot of places …. thanks for coming my way, i’ll be coming yours … ks

  5. I’m puzzled by this one. I keep re reading it, hoping to find meaning. I’m getting a strong David Lynch vibe from it. It just feels like a surreal nightmare. Yet one you want to keep experiencing – or at least am drawn to.

    • Thanks! I do like to be surreal in my writings. In this piece, it was more about capturing a character and placing him in a moment. Sometimes I like the reader to have their own interpretation of a story, just as they do poetry. David Lynch is wonderful, so thank you for the compliment! I saw a photo exhibition of his in London last year – monochrome photos that were taken in a building that could have easily been a location in a horror film – a marvellous display! Thanks for your comment and feedback. Have a great day!

  6. A little bird does tweet, indeed. Wonderfully evocative prose!

  7. sarahwathen says:

    Excellent! Such vivid, strange imagery that Edward Gorey is illustrating my thoughts while I read!

  8. AnElephant loves this.
    Succinct to the point of sparseness.

  9. It happens like that. You think you’re about to make it and then, finally, you see the light.

  10. Very nice, and really like this: “…squeezing them of their collective memory…”

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