Lovable Beast

From the corner of my eye, from the softness of my pillow, I see him sleeping; his mouth is ajar, silently breathing in dust motes that float erratically above the quilt. He looks peaceful, beautiful, somewhat angelic, in slumber; a wonderful contrast to the lovable beast that inhabits him, in consciousness. He opens his eyes; did he sense me looking at him, I wonder? Does he know I look at him this way every morning, and think such things? He smiles at me; the creases of middle-age have formed in the corners of his lips, the lips I would kiss, every morning, adoringly and without hesitance. We pillow-talk, reflect on our past, until the dust motes settle. We speak of our families, our friends and of our two beautiful teenage children – but our conversation always fails to lead to the one, difficult-to-ask, forever-grinding, question, Why have you been cheating on me?


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10 thoughts on “Lovable Beast

  1. Vincent Mars says:

    I liked it!

    It’s the first time I hear of pillow-talk. I’ve Google it. An interesting expression.

    I tip my hat.

  2. oh my…emotional turn for me….thinking oh how lovely, how perfect. how lucky….and then…ouch…how real and raw. Hugs

  3. Thanks so much Aspergers Girls. Hugs :)

  4. Paul says:

    You are as talented as you are beautiful. xxxx

  5. Daniel says:

    You’ve really captured a moment here. Everything is alive. Great job.

    • Thanks for your feedback Daniel. It’s good to hear readers thoughts on my stories as it guides me forward on my strengths and weaknesses as a writer. I’m going over to check out your blog now…:)

  6. Sharmishtha says:

    the toughest question to ask!

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